It often happens that a person who is looking for a thoroughbred puppy, has verylittle understanding of what a kennel is. Potential buyers are usually afraid to take a†puppy from a kennel, imagining dogs being kept in confinement in cages and†aviaries. That is true about big street dogsí kennels, and they are usually in country†houses or cottages.

A Zwergschnauzer kennel, like any other kennel of small dog breeds, is an†ordinary apartment where dogs live together with other family members.†Schnauzers freely walk around the apartment, play, run, and sleep wherever they†like.†If you have decided to buy a thoroughbred Zwergschnauzer, look for a good†kennel, study the information on the Internet, check each kennelís site, look at the†results of the work of the breeders (dog show participation, the number and quality†of puppies), see pictures of dogs, and your house may soon be livened by a small
white miracle.

Zwergschnauzersí breeders are motivated to improve the breed qualities of their†puppies, so they constantly and systematically work in this direction. If you buy a†puppy from a kennel, you can be sure of the purity of its breed, as each†Zwergschnauzersí kennel takes care of its reputation and is interested in improving†and distributing the breed.†Dog breeders usually help their customers find their way around this complex
canine world of puppy training, dog shows, trimming, grooming, breeding, feeding†and so on. This can become a very interesting new club life: texting each other,†hanging out together, taking trips, walks, photo sessions and many more interesting†things! You have probably noticed people walking two or even three dogs at the†same time. In fact, we have friends who are lucky enough to keep several†Zwergschnauzers at once.

A person, who has decided to keep several animals, changes his view of life in a†radical way. It may create a certain inconvenience connected with the dependence†of oneís schedule on feeding and walking dogs, as well as planning every minute†of oneís absence (a business trip or a vacation). Thankfully, we live in a time†where everyday problems are easily solved and do not keep us from enjoying†ourselves. Besides, life with dogs opens to their owner a whole world - rich and†excited, where dogs become members of the family, where training dogs turns into†a hobby for everyone. If a child grows up in a family where there are animals,†becoming an adult, he or she will surely get a four-legged friend for himself†(herself) or his (her) child. If you are out often, and your dog will have to stay alone most of the time, it is best†to get a company for it. Two puppies will have more fun waiting for you to come†home than one.

There are many advantages of keeping two dogs: hygienic and hair care products†purchased for a Zwergschnauzer, are automatically used on the second dog; It is†easier to feed two dogs than one, because a spirit of rivalry makes them less†capricious and they eat up their dinner faster. We know how great it is when you have two dogs. It is twice as fun, twice as†interesting, funny, pleasant and smart. It is twice as hard, and at the same time ten†times easier! During walks, they play with each other, so you do not need to look†for an additional company; they play and compete who will give more love,†kindness and joy to their master.

ďIn the morning, two wet noses wake you up, before feeding two pairs of hungry†eyes look at you, after a walk you wash eight paws, and coming back from work†you will be greeted by two pink warm tongues.Ē There is one more huge bonus in†this matter: after getting a second dog, you will buy a new car - a larger one,†because your restless playful family will no longer fit in the old one. As owners of†these dogs would say, Zwergschnauzers mysteriously multiply in our houseĒ. One†morning you wake up, and there are already four of themÖ

If you want to have dogs that look into your eyes and pick up your mood, get two†girls. In the future, if you take to the breeding of white mini-schnauzers, you will†have the opportunity to take care of some puppies.†If you get a male and a female as a couple, you need to remember that they must†have a compatible blood type, so it is better if a specialist does the pair selection.†Many white Zwergschnauzers are related to each other, and only a professional can†make sense of their pedigree. During the heat, you will need to keep them†separately. The copulation must occur only as agreed upon with a kennel or a club,†or you risk getting puppies without a pedigree.

You can get two males as well. Male Zwergschnauzers are small and very elegant†dogs that are always in shape. It is a pleasure to walk with a pair of miniature†bearded dogs who are not afraid of heat or frost, always cheerful, playful and†fearlessly playing with dogs of any size. Miniature Schnauzers are self-restrained†and well mannered, so you can accustom two males to live together in peace.†Many believe that it is best to take dogs of different ages, since two puppies†brought into the house at the same time can create too much clutter until they grow up. But we think that two puppies in the family are a source of a wonderful mood†due to a constant romp of two (or three) snow-white fur balls. Puppies pay more†attention to each other than to any shoes, socks or books that you may have†forgotten to put away. In a peck, some of dogsí characteristics are amplified. Dogs†can learn very quickly from each other (both good and bad things). For example, if†a Zwergschnauzer loves to drive cats, two Zwergschnauzers will do it with even†greater pleasure. If a grownup dog is trained to go to the bathroom after a walk and†wait for its paws to be washed, then the puppy will do the same even without much†training!

If your dogs have similar characters, then you will have as many cares with two†dogs as you would have with one. Remember that sooner or later you are going to†lose your friend. Having another dog may help you through it.†There cannot be too much love! You give your care and attention to your furry†friends, and in return receive a double portion of ardent dog love.†

Igor and Elena Min,
St. Petersburg