About us

How much do you know about love? We, Igor and Elena Min, used to think we knew everything about it. However, when our baby son cameinto our lives, we rediscovered the meaning of the word, having realized thatwe had only known a tiny part of it. Sometime later, in 2008, love appearedbefore us in an unpredictable and, to be fair, a bearded guise as asnow-white Zwergschnauzer named Laxy.

From the very beginning, we were filled with absolute certainty that loving such a dog was pure joy. Imagine our excitementwhen the object of our love turned out to be a source of inspiration andstrength for our most bold and adventurous ideas! We adopted a second and thena third dog, and they did not just become part of our lives; they created acompletely new wonderful world full of exciting trips to various countries andinteresting acquaintances with like-minded people for us.

Show career and professional white Zwergschnauzer breeding. Numerous victories in thering, top honors, awards, evaluations. Could we imagine this maelstrom ofthings and events to become our reality? Of course not! But it did! In 2011, we gave vent to our most loving and sincere emotions dedicating a lot of time andeffort to our white Zwergs.

Our house is the homefor dogs from the worlds best kennels, which is why we thought a kennelwould be a wrong name for our passion. We name our business gency MIN and MIN. Why? To tell the people around the globe about the all-embracing love forthis breed!

We work on white dog breeding together with experts, who have dedicated many years to study this breed. We make sure that careful selection of parents forfuture litters is made with great thoroughness and attention to detail. Wecontribute to the growing number of the breed representatives, as well asimprove its exterior and physiology. Many puppies born in our house make a dogshow career, and some become ordinary pets bringing joy to their masters. Wekeep track of all our fosterlings and are friends with their owners because ourcommon task is most important and valuable.

Do you want to know more aboutlove? The one called fateful and unexplainable.
Then you should definitelyadopt a Zwergschnauzerfrom Agency MIN and MIN!