Marina KirilinaHello! My name is Marina. My daughter and I live in the Chelyabinskregion. We are the lucky owners of a wonderful girl-Miniature Schnauzer fromAgency Min and Min, named Whitesnow. Snow was born on January 15, 2013. Shewas reserved as soon as she was born, as were all her brothers and sisters. Shewas brought to our home in Chelyabinsk at the age of 4 months. While we werelooking for the terminal, the airport workers took her out of her cage and wereholding her, comforting her. Our little Snow came to our home in May, andbecame the best Beginner Puppy at the competition in Chelyabinsk in June.Whitesnow is a very gentle girl; she likes sitting in our lap, curled up in aball like a cat.

Maria KhapovaHi everybody! My name is Maria. This little schnauzers muzzleappeared in our home two weeks ago. Her name is Makha (her pet name that we useamong ourselves). She is a fairy and a trouble maker in one. A pretty bigcontradiction for such a small dog! She has already got used to the newapartment and now happily stomps along the road to becoming an obedient andwell-mannered little dog. She got acquainted with a clicker. She performs asitting and lying position quickly and beautifully, and the way she plays issuch a lovely sight! We regularly walk her. Our little traveler likes to sit inmy bosom, and when it is warm outside we run in the snow. We play catch andstretch. Our older dog Vasilisa, also a miniature schnauzer, teaches her allsorts of things, and the little one studies assiduously. We have yet to do a vaccination,then we will have our first fulltime outside training sessions and, perhaps, wewill join a Puppy Obedience Group. So these are all our news! A schnauzer is abest dog ever! If you are deciding a breed of your future dog, then I wish thatyour thoughts will come home here to these wonderful little dogs with abearded muzzle!

EvgeniyaToloknova Our zwergschnauzer has been very responsible and grumpy since shewas a little puppy. Our two-month Sonya growled at anyone whom she did not like,and tried to participate in my childrens education. In fact, the longer welive with her, the more we realize that she is incredibly clever, cunning, and,sometimes, cowardly she is a girl after all. She is easy to travel with; she is focused on us in unfamiliar places. Sheis patient, but loves to bark at anyone who invades her territory (it can beany corner of the garden, where she once ran). She was born on May 22, 2012. Weare not the most rigorous breeders, so we have taught her to walk without aleash, but she never runs away and twirls around us during a walk. Of course,for us, our dog is definitely a member of the family, and we love her very much!
Even when her hair is untrimmed.

Yana Bogdanova Good afternoon! My name is Yana and I am excited, because a smallwonder appeared in our home yesterday a gold-colored baby zwergschnauzer Uma!It is impossible to find words to describe her, she is the best dog! How did welive without her? Thanks toIgor and Elena for this little girl, for their attitude and attention to allnew owners of their puppies!

Yana Nikitina
Hooray! Today our little bundle of happiness moved in our home! OurKnopochka is our very first pet, but now that she is with us, we cannot imaginehow we have lived without her. A huge thank you to Lena and Igor for theirsupport and consultations. Being the first-time dog owners, we have lots of questions,and having someone to turn to for advice is a great comfort. Thank you for ourgirl and all your help and care! We are very glad to know you!

Tatiana Alistrat My snow-white princess is finally home))). She felt great during thetrip. From the earliest moment of herbeing in the apartment, she has behaved as if she has always lived here. Shewas not scared of our Giant schnauzer, and she instantly made friends with our blackzwerg))) She is a wonderful agile creature, her character and behavior aretop-notch))) Thank you so much for our baby!!! She is a dog I have reamedabout))))

Olga Goncharevich Good evening everyone! I finally got around to writing the story of finding our family pet. We named our baby girlLeia (as in Princess Leia from "Star Wars"). Naturally, weimmediately fell in love with this little wonder-dog. Our children are very fond of her; they all runand play together. And she is so happy when one of us comes home, that shejumps to the ceiling. She is a very gentle and smart girl. It took her just acouple of days to learn where her toilet was (we cannot go out yet because weare in quarantine after our second vaccination), although, accidents happen, ofcourse. She obediently sleeps on her rug in the hallway at night, without anywhimpering. But she tries to bring her rug into our bedroom in the evening, "whilenobody is watching". She has learned two commands - "sit" and"lie". The second is still a challenge to her sometimes, but there isstill time. We are certain that our girl will grow up to be a wonderful dog,able to do everything. We are very happy to own this baby! Thank you Lena andIgor, your "children" are great!